Sunday, October 6, 2019

Research and present how Aflac practices social responsibility and Paper

And present how Aflac practices social responsibility and ethics. Your should uncover how it successfully uses - Research Paper Example The key CSR practises that have enabled Aflac to often rank high among most of the sustainability index such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) amongst others include the multi-purpose recycling program for plastics, office papers among other wastes such aluminium metals (Aflac, 2012a; Forster, Loughran & Mcdonald 2009, p.129). Aflac has come to understand the crucial role played by CSR and ethical practises and conformity programs in promoting the brand of a company and this explains why it been in the Ethisphere list of socially responsible companies continually. This recognition is further attributed to the company dedication to engaging in activities that mutually benefit the communities in which the company operates and enhances is success while maintaining high ethical standards. Aflac focuses on three key areas; compassion, multiplicity and the ability to uphold its purpose, it is dedicated to looking after its own congregation and is mainly concerned with its miscel laneous work force. Consequently, individuals in the societies in which the company operates in have come to have expectations that, it assumes more responsibilities to the public, and this is based on the assumption that the company makes so much money at the expense of the public. It is believed by the management of Aflac that these expectations will continue to increase in the future as the company goes on expanding its activities all over the globe. In addition, the company has come up with environmentally friendly plans to ensure that its negative impact on the environment remains minimal. Thus, its participation in corporate social responsibility can be said to have increased the role of this company in the society by making sure that it participates in making the environment a better place in which to live. Because of this, the company has come to adopt the theory of corporate social responsibility, which is an approach it utilizes when dealing with the impact its business ac tivities have on the societies and the environment, in which it is involved. Corporate Social Responsibility Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibilities refer to the actions undertaken by a corporation in order to cater for the welfare of all its stakeholders i.e. its clients, employees and especially to the communities they operate in promoting social welfare. Recently, there has been questioning of the current statements about the advantages of corporate social responsibility and the declarations that companies make on behalf of their corporate social responsibility programs. In particular, it has been suggested that the use of corporate social responsibility for the sake of public relations raises ethical predicaments over the motivation of companies. There have also been warnings concerning the justifications that either companies employ may be dishonest or imprecise with regard to the practical substantiation obtained from small-scale qualitat ive researches undertaken in the 1980s, a period when the exercise of corporate social responsibility was growing rapidly (Brown 2011, p.78). There has been the suggestion that companies only

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