Saturday, October 19, 2019

Analyzing a Political Campaign Advertisement Essay

Analyzing a Political Campaign Advertisement - Essay Example In the video it is even stated that â€Å"No one has been more consistent† which suggests the very same. He has stuck to his guns for a long period of time and would not defer his stance to someone else. Ron Paul believes in good governance which can only be attained when there is unity of purpose and thought. The audience gets manipulated by the stance that has been manifested by Ron Paul. Argument The argument for this video campaign ad emanates from the fact that Ron Paul wants the audience to believe that whatever problems there are within America today are because of the leaders who have said one thing and gone about adopting a totally opposite route. Ron Paul firmly believes in the premise that now is the time to make amends and elect people like him who will bring a fresh change and new perspective to the fold. The advertisement seems credible due to its authentic use of the information and statistics. Also quotes have been made use of which provide credibility to the e ntire cause of the Ron Paul campaign. Ron Paul has added sources within the advertisement to show that he means business and that his opponents have failed to deliver within the thick of things. The advertisement concerns more on the opposition yet the candidate has made his representation clear as well. Ron Paul is a name to reckon with and he has shown this through his advertisement. What is most important is how well he has struck a contrast between himself and the opposition that exists around him. The image/persona that the candidate is trying to portray is that of a true and genuine leader who speaks the correct thing at all times. He is a visionary who believes in making his point clear through logic and sound reasoning. The best part about his image/persona is that he has stuck to what he thought in the past and carried it forward with the advent of time. The candidate Ron Paul is trying his best to appeal to traditional American values and for that he has taken a stance to stick to what he was preaching in the past as well. He does not want to build a new America as such but wants to change beliefs through solid actions and practical steps which remain significant on any given day. The facial expressions of the candidate are of pain and anguish. He has felt worse about the present day American affairs and these are demonstrated on his face. His emotions are therefore filled with sorrow but his eyes are focused on something good that is about to come for the Americans. The emotion of the advertisement gives the viewers the impression that if they choose Ron Paul, they will decide their better future and would see light at the end of the tunnel easily. As far as color aspects are concerned, the video makes use of the colors which depict the American flag more than any other colors to give a very subliminal message that Ron Paul believes in the American premise more than anything else. The montage gives a very personal look and feel about the candidate. This is because his past works and recollections are displayed in the montage and viewers have a fair enough idea regarding his past undertakings, actions and statements. The candidate is portrayed here through a direct contrast of the opponents and then what he suggested some years back to what he is saying in the present day and age. The emotional appeal of the video

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